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Is route management an important aspect of your business? Are route assignments and route organizing a challenge? Would you like a simple tool to easily manage service routes? If you answered “Yes,” we’ve got you covered! If you don’t need a billing system at this time, but need a tool to easily manage service routes and optimize efficiency, Summit Route Management™ - Lite Edition is the software tool for you! It is simple to operate but powerful in results. This route management software tool offers a glimpse of the possibilities that Summit software can provide, while you get a compact solution to immediately get on top of your business. Stay organized and productive with less effort! Throw away your spreadsheets and laborious data entry! With Summit Route Management™ - Lite you can manage your routes and reorganize them in a snap. You can even place customers or jobs on suspense or stop service temporarily, whether for credit issues or worker vacations. Immediately resume service when the issue is resolved. Detailed, sequenced route sheets with comments keep your drivers on track and fully informed. If you don’t require inventory control or a billing system, this is the first step in reducing your route management burden. Summit Route Management - Lite Edition (3-Month Free Trial) Includes: Customer & Job Setup Customer Suspense / Stop Service Tracking Streamlined Delivery & Service Route Assignment Screen Route Stop Assignments & Reorganizing from a Single Screen Detailed Route Sheets Simplified Route Completion 1-user license (single-user version only) 30-day telephone/internet support - starts at program activation 60-day access to online training video library Training Q&A - occasional quick question/answer
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Industries Served Equipment rental and other repetitive service businesses Portable Restrooms / Toilets Job Shacks / Construction Trailers Mobile Offices Storage Containers / Mobile Storage Portable Storage Mobile Shredding Roll-Offs / Debris Boxes Temporary Fencing Construction / Equipment Rental Traffic & Safety Temporary Power Solid Waste Collection / Disposal Hazardous Waste Collection / Disposal Landscape & Pool Maintenance Medical Equipment Other Equipment Tracking Industries Needing Route Management Software
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We offer a full line of software systems and tools for rental, service, and rendering businesses like yours. However, if you are not ready for a complete software solution (with billing, inventory control, routing, dispatching, mapping, etc) at this time, we are confident you will find our Summit Route Management™ - Lite Edition software easy to use and will quickly benefit from its features. And now, for a limited time, you may try the product for FREE for 3 months* plus shipping/handling! *This offer is only available through this website for a limited time! After the 3-Month Free Trial, you may extend your license as either Monthly or Standard Licensing. Unless you notify us otherwise, beginning on Month 4, your software license will automatically be extended under Monthly Licensing and your credit card will be charged a recurring monthly charge of $17 per month. The data you enter during the trial will not be lost.
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